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December 21, 2009

Exciting Last Week

Last week at the UEC was very encouraging. One new person came to English Bible class and one of the students who had a lot of questions at the beginning of the semester started answering the questions of this new guy. He learned enough to share his faith with someone else. It was so great because his background is also Muslim, so he was able to relate to this other guy. We discussed how to determine which religion is right. It went great!

Movie night was a blast, too. 17 people came - some from church, some believers and some unbelievers. Wonderful mix! We were very excited to see Anya (who was in a car accident and just finished her physical therapy) and her sister Marina, who came to the UEC for the first time. Watched It’s A Wonderful Life. Had a very involving discussion about the meaning of life and doing good. It was 10pm before we finished!

This week we are planning to close the UEC starting Thursday, cook a lot of tasty food and invite people for dinners. One for my English class, one for our cell group, one for movie night and another one for UEC friends. So looking forward to all that!

This week we are also finally buying new computers for our patrons and staff. I am sure everyone will be excited to come back from the break and see renewed computer center!