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January 21, 2010

Outreach Begins

Had our first English Bible study this year yesterday. It went great. Kate, our recent convert, came to help out, while three students came to the class, including Anna who suffered injuries in the car crash that I wrote about. Hopefully, next week at least two more students will come, who couldn't make it this time. We will explore the symbols of Christ primarily in the Gospel of John.

I started studying Acts with Ben and Luba on Mondays, looks like we will have to meet more than just on Monday. Tuesday I came by Ben's place for a minute to help with their computer and he invited me for a cup of tea - very traditional pastime not only in Ukraine but also in the Iranian community. Anyway, I agreed and found myself discussing some of the most difficult passages of the Old Testament with him. I will have to read at least one thick book to answer his questions.

Friday we are planning to start English club, inviting all interested patrons to practice their conversation skills.

I am pretty excited about all these opportunities. Please pray for us as we reach out to all these people.